Tips and tricks for Brother Printer Troubleshooting for Windows 10


Irrespective of the brand, printers are obvious to come across with issues. Brother Printer is also a pretty renowned name in the printer segment. Still, coming across with troubleshooting needs is pretty obvious. Specifically, the Windows 10 users of Brother Printer deal with compatibility issues. Sometimes people get confused when the printer still demands to troubleshoot despite a recent Windows 10 upgrade. At time user should know how to troubleshoot the printer and what the necessity of the trouble-shooter is.

To make things easier for the users, given below are handy tips regarding Brother Printer trouble-shooter for Windows 10 so that one can follow:

Steps of troubleshooting Brother Printer with Windows 10

  • The first step towards troubleshooting starts with fixing things with the help of native troubleshooting tools of Windows 10. First, go to Search and then look for printer post selection of device type and printer going through the Control Panel window.
  • Find out Brother Printer in the window there; one should find it within Printers or Unspecified.
  • Put a right click on the icon of printer and go with the Troubleshoot option from the menu and then do follow the instructions appearing over the display meant for troubleshooting the device.
  • If the Brother Printer trouble shooter for Windows 10 is not witnessed within the list, put a click on Add a printer or scanner option and have some patience until Windows makes effort towards finding out the specific printer. It is important to ensure that your Brother Printer is connected well with the PC and is thoroughly turned on.
  • After the printer gets found, it is important to go through the instructions appearing over the display to finish the process of installation. When all goes well, Windows is going to download and make installation of requisite driver tool. In those occasions when printer is not found, all that it needs is to put a click on the option of the printer that I want.
  • It makes a fresh window available along with various options to select. Most of these options are meant for integrating a printer that is used on a shared basis. As the Brother Printer is connected straightaway with the computer, it is important to go with the option of My printer is a little older that is available there. Then go with Help me find it option, put a Click on Next. This is going to make the Windows look for PC that has to be linked with the printer, and it is certainly going to find and do the needful installation.

If still the problem regarding Brother Printer trouble shooter for Windows 10 persists, the user has to go for manual installation. This has to be done by installing the perfect driver. In this regard, one can visit to the Brother Printer’s official website to have the Windows 10 compatible driver software through successful download. In those occasions when the driver is not listed for Windows 10, one may go with W8 as well.

Modes of fixing Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10!

Printer issues don’t really come with prior notice. It can come anytime. On the other hand, no one can guarantee about the internet availability as well. Sometimes the texts or instruction appear regarding the Brother printer getting offline. Printer window appears as offline in such occasions. Given below are the steps to address things.

Checking out the connectivity of printer:

  • First of all, do a restart of the brother printer by switching it off and latter starting it on again. Next step is to check the connectivity.
  • In those cases where the Brother printer is connected through USB cable it is important to make sure that the cable is linked thoroughly. One should also check regarding the USB port functionality.
  • In those cases where Brother Printer is linked through wired network it is then asked to check the connectivity of Ethernet port. At the same time, it is also essential to check the functionality of the router. One must make sure that the network signal on the Brother printer is working fine.
  • In those occasions when the printer is connected through wireless network, one must ensure that the Wi-Fi is linked well with the network of the system.

Method 2of testing the status of printing

First of all, switch off the Printer and switch on the power once again.

  • Go for pressing Windows + I at a stretch
  • Put a click on Devices.
  • Go through the associated setting and then put a click on Devices and printers option available over there
  • Put a right click on the icon having green tick mark by its side and then put a Click on “See what’s printing.”
  • In those cases when the grey icons appear without any green tick mark, simply go for putting a right-click on it.
  • Put a click on “Set as Default Printer” And then put a click on Printer.
  • Take the ticks out by the side of options.

Method of checking the Print Spooler Service

  • Go for pressing the Windows + R keys at a stretch
  • Put services.msc within the search bar and put a click on the ‘OK’ option available.
  • Find out the Print Spooler over there and check whether it is “Running” actually.
  • Put a right-click on the Print Spooler service and then put a click on Start in those cases where the status is not seen.
  • Put a right-click on Print Spooler and the go for doing a restart.
  • Finally close the window.

Method of updating Printer Driver

  • Press Windows+ I keys at a stretch
  • Put a click on Devices option available there
  • Visit to the Devices and Printers section.
  • Put a right-click on the Brother Printer option available.
  • Put a click on Remove Device option.
  • Put a click OK in the dialog box asking for permission.
  • Put a click on Yes.

Following these steps given above, one can certainly address the desired Brother Printer Troubleshooting for Windows 10.

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