Epson Printer Wireless Installation


You can connect Epson printer in basically two ways 1st by cable and 2nd by wireless network and now a day’s everyone is going with the option for wireless Epson printer installation because after installing your printer wireless you can print with other devices as well which are on the same network like your iPad, phone and other devices. One of the major benefits of wireless installation is you don’t need any cable and you can take a print from any of the corner of your room as well as in house up to where the range is of your router. Setting up or wireless installation is little tough from the normal cable setup but once setup is done you need not to do anything most of the printers came with the Wi-Fi option now.

Wireless installation of Epson printer is a tough work so you can call on our toll free for technician help and technician will install your Epson printer wireless. There are some steps in installation of Epson printer wireless before proceeding for the option make sure your printer is on and all lights on printer screen are flashing solid and you have a working internet connection through your router and the router modem and printer and computer should be in the range of your network so that they can be connected through the Wi-Fi. After that you are ready to follow the steps:

  • Go to the Epson website to download and install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility
  • Click agree to the End-User License Agreement, and then click next.
  • Click on


  • Choose options wireless setup
  • Select your product, and then click on next tab.
  • Finish the process and print test page.

Although these are simple steps in reading but you have to select wifi drivers for the Epson printer to install and that will create a problem as well as you must have to techie as the installation process will lead you to do some of the basic work with printer and router to connect it on the network. You must know about the login page and login details like username and passwords and you have to do some work on printer screen as well. So it may be hectic so you can simply call our technicians at toll free and you will be helped out by the experts.

There are some details you need to know before process starts these are followings:

  • Know your model number of your printer
  • Login details of your router page
  • Router manufacture
  • Exact printer drivers for Epson wireless setup
  • A small screen on your printer so that you can easily navigate
  • Or a Wi-Fi button for setup on the printer.

If you have these details then only you can start with yourself if you think that there are some issues with these details you need to call on our toll free number for technician and technician will help you in Epson printer wireless installation process.

Recommendations: I will recommend you to call on toll free number for technician support as this is the best option as wireless Epson printer installation is a very hard process and we need not to be techie with this process as technician has proper knowledge and experience in handling such situations it’s better to spend some time with them then to waste whole the time in finding solution. Technician will download the drivers will login in router details and then technician will setup your Epson printer wireless. You need to just dial our toll free number to get a technician and leave rest of the work on us.

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