Epson Printer Setup


Printer is the most common device we use in daily basis but when you are not a techie person it may create some headache for you in setting up your printer today we will discuss how to setup your Epson printer as well as how to get the first print from your new Epson printer or the old one when you change the place or network because you may lose drivers or printer software or may be your printer not present on the network on which you are right now. If you are facing any problem with setting up the Epson printer or you are not getting the prints or your printer is printing in wrong color or format or blank papers need not to worry you need to call our toll free and technician will help you over phone and fix all your problems.

There are some basic steps in Epson printer setup you can follow given steps and setup your new Epson printer:

Before starting the process you must insure that your device is on and properly connected to the computer through cable or your printer should be on wireless network you can also restart your printer once just power off the printer and back it on. That will help in Epson printer setup below are the steps you need to follow I have provided some images as well so that you will navigate in better way and will not make any mistake in Epson printer setup.

  1. Go to the website to download and install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  2. Click on agree to the End-User License Agreement, and then click next.
  3. Click on Install, and then finish the process.
  4. Select your product, and then click on next tab.
  5. Click on agree, and then click next.
  6. Click on close tab.
  7. See our Activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print instructions to activate the Scan to Cloud and Remote Print services.

After finalizing the process you need to click on print test page if you are getting a page printed properly then your printer is all set to rock on you can start printing your documents images or mails anything you want. But these steps are not worthy if there is any problem in your drivers or there is any problem in your network or system or there is any connectivity issue with your cable or wireless network then you printer will not print and you will face the problems with printing in that case you need to call on our toll free for Epson printer technician who will fix the problem for you.

Recommendations: I will suggest that you can try to set up your Epson printer because there are just simple steps for setting up your Epson printer but as we all know if we are not a computer techie then even a single wrong step or command can crash down all the process of Epson printer setup and then we have to do the double work so it’s always better to take a technician help as they do the set up work on regular basis then they will handle the setup process in their way and they will setup your Epson printer and you will be able to print from your Epson printer.

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