Different tricks for Printer troubleshooting Windows 10


Printers are pretty essential in modern times. These are considered the most vital equipment among the official groups. Be it about a small company, an office, or a large venture; printers are essential for all. Irrespective of the place it is used, printers are obvious to come across with certain issues.

Printers remaining connected with the computers all the time at these places is said to be the prominent reason behind the issues appearing. Printer issues can be due to a variety of reasons; it can be due to hardware-related aspects, due to driver related issues, etc. It is thus essential for a printer user to remain aware of printer troubleshooting Windows 10 methods for addressing thing well.


The basic step of printer troubleshooting Windows 10 starts with downloading and running of Troubleshooter from Microsoft. This is going to make a fresh window appear to make troubleshoot run for printer issues.

Now put a lick on the option called ‘Printer’, and then select ‘Next’ from the options.

This is going to initiate the process of detection of issues, and upon being found, one should click on the option Apply this fix.

Steps for adding the printer again

Adding the printer again can help in addressing the issues better on some occasions. Given below are the steps to make the adding of the printer again.

  • Open the windows pressing ‘Win + I’ keys within the Settings, which will take the user ‘Devices and then Printers & Scanners’.
  • Put a click on the added printer earlier and then select ‘Remove Device’.
  • Now do unplug and plug back again with the printer within the USB port.
  • Put a click on ‘Add a printer or scanner’ and allow it to spot your printer again. Now put a click on the device and add it.

Steps to manually update

In many occasions, the issues of printers appear due to drivers of the printers not getting updated in a timely fashion.

Given below are the steps to update the printer driver:

  • First of all, go to ‘Start’ and then look for ‘Device Manager’ and press ‘Enter’.
  • Find the ‘Printers’ option, and then put a click on the small icon found at the left side to find out the list of printers from the dropdown.
  • Now pick the printer of you and put a right-click on it, to select ‘Update Driver Software’.
  • Put a click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option, which is going to initiate the process of searching for updated drivers over the web and the option of installation.
  • Upon selecting ‘Browse my computer for driver software’, it is going to initiate searching for the driver on the system. It happens mostly when installation occurs in a new device. It sometimes contains auto installation drivers. If it is not auto-installed, the user has to go for manual installation by own.
  • In those occasions when the process of updating a driver doesn’t deliver well, it is recommended to remove the driver entirely and install them again.

Step by step for initiating the update process

  • Visit the ‘Windows Settings’ app and then reach the ‘Devices’ section and then visit the Printers & Scanners’.
  • Select the specific printer put a click on it to find out the options and then put a click on ‘Remove device’ key.
  • Next, visit the ‘Start’ menu, look for ‘Print Management’ there and put a click on the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Now select the entire list of printers, put right-click on it and remove those all.
  • Your system should be restarted then before plugging in the cable of the printer and initiate the process of installation of the device.
  • One may also handle drivers visiting the ‘Print Management’ section there.

Go for Resetting the Print Spooler Files

When none of the above strategies works, one should go for clearing the ‘Print Spooler’ file, which is the file that handles the printing process. For making the rest process happen to follow the steps:

  • Visit the ‘Start Menu’ and look for ‘Services’ and put a click on the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Put a click within the line-up of services and then put a click on ‘P’ and then move to the list appearing with ‘P’ to find out ‘Print Spooler’ file straight over there.
  • Put a right-click over there and select ‘Stop’ over there.
  • Next step is about visiting the taskbar and copying %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers and pasting the same within the search box and press Enter key.
  • Now remove the entire files within the folder and visit the ‘Services’ again to find out the ‘Print Spooler’. Next, put a right-click on it and select ‘Start’.

One should set a default Printer

It is sometimes required for the Windows 10 users to set the default printer. Specifically, it is required when there remain several printers connected. In such occasions, the best recommendation would be to select a certain printer as the default option manually. This can make the print the file within the default printer.


  • Do visit ‘Control Panel’ and make a change in the view of bigger icons.
  • Look for the ‘Devices and Printers’ option there.
  • Put a click on any of the linked printers and select the option of ‘Set as default printer’.
  • This makes a prompt appear showing that Windows is not going to handle the default printer for the user. In such occasion, simply put a click on ‘OK’ to assure.

Go for a complete test printing

It is essential to have a test printing for greater assurance. Given below are the steps for test printing.

  • First of all, visit ‘Printers & scanners’ section within the setting.
  • Put a click on the printer you wish for testing purpose and then selecting ‘Manage’.
  • At the display appearing next, put a click on ‘Print a test page’ to make a test to ensure the document can be printed.
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