Four proven methods to change printer status to online easily


Imagine that you have an important presentation in almost 30 minutes on a weekday at your office! What’s more? You need to print out 5 important pages before attending the meeting. As the first resort, you open the particular pages and then click on the “Print” button! Generally, the pages come out immediately, and you could be easily prepared for the presentation. On the contrary, if the printer does not churn out any printed papers, you could be more than worried. In addition, if a message pops up at the bottom-right corner of the PC desktop showing that the printer is offline, then you should immediately look for solutions.

Now, this may be a new event for you. But many people have already experienced this, and many others are experiencing it right now! So, let us find out how to change printer status to online in the following discussion in different methods accompanied by step-wise description. If you thought that the offline status of your printer might be huge trouble, then you might have a completely new perspective after going through completely with this discussion.

Checking the basics first:

When the printer status becomes offline, it can be taken as a signal about the error in communication between the printer and the computer either through a wireless or wired channel. Therefore, the first proven approach on how to change printer status to online involves checking the printer’s connection with the PC. Here are the steps to check the connection.

  • Power off the printer and then switch it on for restarting. Give the printer a little time for restarting completely.
  • Check the connection of printer with PC depending on the type of channels used for the connection.
  • In the case of printer and PC connection with a USB cable, ensure the proper and tight connection of the cable to the printer. Also, verify that the USB cable is working perfectly and the US ports are also functional.
  • If the printer and PC are connected through a wired network, check the connection of printer cable to Ethernet port and proper working of the port on the router with which the printer is connected. Ensure that the network signal on the printer is flashing. In some cases, damaged, old, broken, or loose cables can need replacement.
  • In the case of a wireless network connection between PC and printer, it is essential to check the connection of the printer to the PC network. If the wireless icon on the printer is flashing, then the printer is said to be in online status.

Updating the printer drivers:

Another favourable recommendation on how to change printer status to online is observed in updates for the printer driver. Printer drivers could be outdated and thus result in unwanted issues such as offline status of printer. Therefore, you can manually update the printer driver or set up automatic update schedules to bring back your printer online.

In the manual driver update process, you can visit the manufacturer’s website directly and search for the recently updated driver. Here, you need to be highly careful in choosing the driver who shall be compatible with the type of OS in your PC. Once you have completed the update process, you can restart the printer by following the steps mentioned in the above section and check whether the status returned to online.

Changing the status of your printer:

Sometimes people can face problems in how to change printer status to online because of automatic updates. The automatic printer driver updates that are a part of Windows Update can change the printer settings without your knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to check the printer status carefully through the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, switch off the printer and then turn it back on.
  • Now, press the “Windows Logo” key and “I” together on the keyboard followed by clicking on “Devices”.
  • Select the “Devices and Printers” tab.
  • Find the printer icon with a green check-mark and then right-click on the icon. Select “See what’s printing” on the drop-down menu that appears.

If the printer icon does not have a green check-mark and has a grey icon, then right-click on the icon and then click on “Set as default printer” followed by right-clicking on the icon again and then click on “See what’s printing”.

  • In the new tab, click on “Printer” in the upper left corner and then remove the ticks on the options “Pause Printing” and “Use Printer Offline” simply by clicking on them.

Applies for Mac too:

The instructions in this method presented here on How to change printer status to online could also be presented for Mac systems.

  • Click on the icon in the Dock to access “System Preferences.”
  • Open the “Print & Fax” control panel from the “Hardware” category
  • Locate the printer you want online from the list found on the left pane of the screen. Now, select the “Open Print Queue” button!
  • Select the “Resume Printer” button found at the top of the queue window. That is it! Your printer status would be changed from offline to online.

Restarting the Print Spooler:

In some cases, you could be troubled to find the solution on how to change printer status to online. However, sometimes, the Print Spooler service could be the main reason for your printer being offline. So, let us find out how it can resolve the problem of changing your printer status online with the following easy steps.

  • Press the “Windows” and “R” keys together at once. Now, type “services.msc” in the search box followed by pressing “Enter”.
  • Locate the “Print Spooler” item in the list that follows and check its “Running” status.
  • If the status of the Print Spooler is not visible, then you can right-click on the “Print Spooler” service followed by clicking on “Start.”
  • You could also choose to restart the “Print Spooler” service by right-clicking and then selecting the option of “Restart.”
  • End the process by closing the “Properties” window.

Thus, it can be concluded that there are many ways to find out how to change printer status to online, which have been outlined in this discussion. You can try out these solutions individually and find out the one which works best for you, your printer and your PC! 

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