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How to Fix Printer Offline windows 10 Error

Networked printer makes the lives of office workers easier with its print from anywhere feature. It ensures least physical activity for printing documents. It saves time and labour. But at the same time, networked printers turned out to be really annoying if we compare it to traditional printing systems. It goes offline regularly due to unknowable reasons. Every now and then, you come across to printer offline error in windows 10. In this article, we are going to show how to fix printer offline windows 10 errors.

    List of possible reasons due to which a printer may go offline

  • Power or cabling
  • Network Issue
  • Driver Issue
  • Windows Settings
  • Hardware issue

Printer is offline due to Power or Cabling

If your printer go physically offline, it could be power issue. To fix it, check your power cable and the wall outlet. Try changing them one by one. Run the printer for a while. In case of power or cabling, following these steps will resolve the issue. If problem persists, it must have some other issue other than power issue.

Printer is offline due to Network Issue

In network printers, it is logical to check the network settings if printer goes offline. To check network settings, log onto router by entering in your internet browser. The most common problem you can find in it is IP address conflict. Due to the fact that the printer is assigned same IP address as other devices use, IP address conflict arises.
To fix it, make sure your printer has separate static IP address.

Printer is offline due to driver issue

Good functioning of printer depends on the driver assigned to it. If driver isn’t working properly, printer will go offline every now and then. To fix the problem, check the driver details and update it if it’s necessary.

    Steps to update driver in windows 10

  • Right click on Windows 10 start button and select Device Manager.
  • Select the printer you’re using under the printer option.
  • Right click on it and select update driver software from the given option.
  • If your driver is updated, reinstall the driver.

Printer is offline due to windows 10 settings

It’s more likely to be true that your printer goes offline because of incorrect windows 10 settings. You need to select the appropriate settings for your printer in Devices and Printers. If it’s connected to computer with USB cable, select USB port. In case of network, network port should be selected.

Printer is offline due to Hardware Issue

Often we try loads of steps trying to figure out what has happened but all of them fails. Sometimes, we should just trust our basic instinct. Try to connect your printer with new cable. Also, you can also connect it to whole different system. If it works, it’s good. If it doesn’t, we are sorry to tell you that your printer needs some professional attention.
Based on your judgement, you can try any of the following method and fix your printer offline windows 10 error.

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